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Decorating Party

We would like to introduce a new party activity you can try!

A cupcake decorating party where we will be teaching you some simple and some more advanced cupcake decorating techniques.

If you are having a theme let us know and we can provide themed decorations.

*Kids party

*Bridal shower 

*Birthday party

You will have a one and a half hour session at the café with a professional cake decorator to teach you and instruct you on what to do.

Food is also provided along side a cold or hot drink!


Café parties have a limit of 6  guests (min. 4).

Prices start from £22 per person.

If you would like to do a bigger party in your own home you can have an hour session with a professional cake decorator showing you how to make show stopper cupcakes which look too good to eat!!

Parties in your home have a limit of 10 guests (min.6).

Prices start from £16 per person.

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